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Realtor in Palm Harbor, in Trinity & Tarpon Springs, Fl

Save or earn $1,000s with Mike Conciatori as your seller's or buyer's Realtor in Palm Harbor, Trinity, Tarpon Springs, Fl

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     Whether you are selling or buying real estate, it's wise to work with Michael Conciatori as your Realtor in Palm Harbor, Realtor in Trinity or Realtor in Tarpon Springs, Florida.

     You can trust in Michael to:

  •  provide expert knowledgeable services as your buyers Realtor or seller"s realtor
  • save a seller thousand off commission compared to our Full Service Listing.
  •  pay a buyer lots of money as a rebate at closing 

     How does choosing Micheal as my Realtor in Trinity, Palm Harbor or Tarpon Springs, Florida save me lots of money?

     Michael offers plans as a Full Service listing Realtor or Discount Realtor Listing plans to list real estate & homes for sale.  For real estate buyers, he will work as your exclusive Buyer's Realtor so he can pay you a cash rebate upon closing of a purchase, often thousands of dollars.

Michael is a local Realtor in Trinity, Realtor in Tarpon Springs, Realtor in Palm Harbor, Florida and also serves Central and South Florida from coast to coast.

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Order an all in one Realtor's MLS report of homes for sale & sold. Discover market trends & averages

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Sellers or Buyers benefit from this informative Realtor's MLS report of actively for sale, recently sold and recently off market listings.  There is also summaries of the data and local information for each listing. Summary data includes the change in number of homes for sale, average prices of similar homes, average days on market and much more.

     To see a sample report, click here.

Contact Michael to request a showing, ask about how much cash rebate we can pay you to exclusively work with us or if you would like Michael to perform a custom broker's search for you.  A custom broker MLS search has many more detailed search criteria than available to you anywhere online.

This may be the best site to hire a selling  Realtor or buying Realtor, save or earn $1,000s when you  hire Michael as your Realtor in Palm Harbor, Realtor in Tarpon Springs, Realtor in Trinity, Florida.

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Discount Flat Rate MLS Realtor and Full Service Options to Get Your Real Estate or Home Sold

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1.  Try our $299 By Owner Flat Rate MLS Listing in Tarpon Springs, In Palm Harbor, In Trinity and all of Central and South Florida.

-  You can represent yourself to save about 50% off commission compared to our Full Service plan and you can also still sell your home to a buyer that you find on your own, by your own effort, without paying commission. You'll handle everything about the sale yourself without realtor representation.

2.  Limited Service Realtor MLS with representation is only limited in that we do not visit the home, but we do represent all of your interests in the sale as a single agent full representative. We provide a 18"x24" custom print coroplast yard sign and a combo lockbox (if used), price opinion, market reports, answer all calls, verify all realtors, make appointments, gather feedback, follow up, negotiate, contract the sale paperwork and follow through to closing.

     Both Realtor's MLS plans are initiated with a flat rate listing fee of $299.00 and includes one yard sign and key lockbox, if you want them.

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